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We rely only on the most reputable bathroom glass and hardware manufacturers for the highest quality shower enclosure and bathtub surround. Planet Glass Frameless Shower Doors Murfreesboro maintains a network of top product vendors, making it possible to provide you with the best results in any location.

Glass Shower Door Options

It’s time to choose the style of shower doors or bathtub enclosures that suits your needs and own aesthetic before choosing a specific product line, a specific door, or any other shower accessories. Frameless, semi-frameless, and framed enclosures for showers and tubs are the three main kinds of shower doors and tub enclosures. 

Shower Door Frame Options

Frameless Enclosures

A frameless shower door can enhance a bathroom’s appearance and make it appear bigger if you’re seeking a sleek, modern look. A frameless enclosure typically consists of tempered glass measuring between 3/8- and 1/2-inch thick without a rigid metal frame. There are various ways to secure the frame of a frameless shower enclosure, including headers, U-channels, and clips.

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Semi-Frameless Enclosures

More metal will be around the edge of semi-frameless shower doors than frameless shower enclosures. However, the interior of the shower doors will have very little metal trim, as well as the top of the bathtub or shower enclosure will have minimal metal trim. For homeowners seeking a clean, modern aesthetic but prefer the look of a frame, semi-frameless showers or bathtub enclosures are a great choice. Tempered glass is typically used in semi-frameless shower and bathtub enclosures.

Framed Enclosures

The glass in framed enclosures is typically thinner than in semi-framed and frameless enclosures – typically 5/32 – 3/16-inch temper glass.

Affordable Custom Glasswork

Glass shower enclosures and doors from Planet Glass Frameless Shower Doors Murfreesboro can add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom. Get custom glasswork tailored to fit your style and budget with the help of our skilled professionals.

Services and Repairs for Reliable Glass

Aside from installing new glass doors, we also repair existing glass doors and enclosures. If you need time-sensitive repairs or replacements to your bathroom glass, do not hesitate to call us at Planet Glass Frameless Shower Doors Murfreesboro. We offer prompt service, and you will not be disappointed.