Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Frameless Shower Door in Murfreesboro

Are you planning to install a frameless shower door in your Murfreesboro bathroom but need clarification about which hardware to choose? You are not alone. As experts in frameless shower door installation and repair, we understand that selecting the right hardware can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. The hardware you choose plays a crucial role in your shower door’s functionality, safety, and overall aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we’ll go over some essential factors to consider when choosing the right hardware for your frameless shower door in Murfreesboro.

Type of Door Handle

The door handle is one of the most essential hardware choices for a frameless shower door. The handle is not just a functional aspect of the shower door; it can also add to the bathroom’s overall style. When it comes to selecting the right door handle, you have a range of options to choose from. Some of the most popular types of door handles include:

  • Knobs: Simple and elegant, knobs are an excellent choice for a minimalistic bathroom.
  • Pull Handles: Sleek and stylish, pull handles are popular for contemporary bathrooms.
  • Towel Bars: These handles double up as towel bars, providing both form and function.
  • C-Pull Handles: With a curved design, C-pull handles offer a comfortable grip and are easy to clean.

Type of Hinges

  • Hinges are another crucial aspect of your frameless shower door. The hinges support the door’s weight and ensure it swings open and closes smoothly. Here are some of the most popular hinge options to consider:
  • Pivot Hinges: These hinges are attached to the top and bottom of the door, allowing it to swing in both directions. Pivot hinges are a popular choice for larger shower doors.
  • Side-Mounted Hinges: Side-mounted hinges are attached to the side of the shower door and wall, providing a minimalist look. They are ideal for smaller shower doors.
  • Glass-to-Glass Hinges: These are used when two or more shower panels meet at a corner. They provide a clean and seamless look to the shower enclosure.

Type of Hardware Finish

The hardware finish you choose will significantly impact the overall look of your frameless shower door. You want to select a finish that complements your bathroom’s decor and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most popular hardware finishes to consider:

  • Chrome: Chrome finishes are shiny and reflective, making them ideal for modern and contemporary bathrooms.
  • Brushed Nickel: This finish has a subtle matte sheen, providing a timeless and sophisticated look to your shower door.
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze: This finish is dark, almost black, providing a rustic and vintage look to your shower door.
  • Brass: Brass finishes are elegant and classy, providing a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Type of Seal

The seal is crucial to your frameless shower door, preventing water from leaking from the shower enclosure. Different types of seals are available, and the type you choose will depend on your shower door’s design and size. Here are some popular seal options:

  • Sweep seals: These seals are attached to the bottom of the shower door and sweep water back into the shower enclosure.
  • Magnetic seals: These seals are attached to the shower door’s edge and stick to a magnetic strip on the wall. They provide a secure and tight seal to prevent water from leaking out.
  • Bulb seals: These seals are made from a soft, flexible material and are attached to the side of the shower door. They compress against the shower wall, providing a watertight seal. Bulb seals are a great option if you’re looking for a seal that can accommodate a slightly uneven shower wall.

Get Professional Installation

Finally, ensure you get professional installation for your frameless shower door hardware. Proper installation is essential to ensure your hardware is installed correctly and works as intended. Hiring a professional installer can also help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your shower door is installed safely and securely.


Choosing the right hardware for your frameless shower door in Murfreesboro is essential. If you need help choosing or installing your frameless shower door hardware, contact Planet Glass Frameless Shower Doors Murfreesboro. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect hardware for your shower door and ensure that it’s installed correctly.