Shower enclosures made of glass have sleek transparency that allows bathrooms to appear larger than they are. Depending on the consumer’s preference, they are either framed or frameless and fit perfectly into any interior design. A framed unit is less expensive and weighs less, while a frameless unit requires thicker glass and is more expensive. Because of these features, frameless glass shower enclosures are extremely difficult to install because any mistake can result in door breakage or poor functionality. In addition, a glass shower door is a tricky installation to do, so this article examines what should be taken into consideration before you install one, as well as why it’s best to hire a professional.

Glass Shower Doors: Factors to Consider

Level of Expertise

Frameless shower door installation is not easy for individuals who want to save money by installing it themselves. The door and hinges for the glass enclosure can be purchased at any home improvement store, but installing them requires specific skills which most people lack.

There are a lot of drillings, alignments, and measurements needed to make sure that there are no issues that could arise if it is not installed correctly. An individual can’t learn this overnight.


The clips used to attach frameless glass doors to the wall must be leveled to prevent them from sagging during installation. If the tiles are installed in the shower, special drill bits must be used to attach the clips properly. Since they are thinner and weigh less, framed doors are easier to install than frameless enclosures. As a result, the glass rests on the frame instead of a hinge or clip, allowing the installation process to be sped up. As a result, installing a frameless glass door takes longer than installing a framed one.

Water Leaks

If not installed properly, the seal around shower doors can fail over time, so many reputable companies take greater care to avoid leaks. Due to their metal frame and a layer of caulk, framed units contain a heavy water barrier. Consequently, they are less likely to have leaks than frameless units. In addition, the rubber gaskets and silicone caulk edges of a frameless shower door prevent water from entering. Eventually, rubber gaskets will crack, which will cause water to leak. Even though mitered edges alleviate this issue, such improvements increase the total cost of labor, making the installation procedure expensive.


Not all shower enclosures have similar features and dimensions. An average person who does not have any experience in glass door installation can find it difficult to assess and estimate the right measurements for the enclosure. Though you will follow the instructions given from online resources, the overall outcome cannot meet expectations. Professional contractors customize your shower enclosure to meet the requirements irrespective of the situation. They make better use of their skills and years of experience to make sure the door fits snugly.

Risk of Shattering

Improperly install the frameless glass shower doors, and they will shatter. Seeing pieces of shattered glass all over the bathroom floor can annoy and be terrifying more than water leaks. In addition, inconsistencies in installation and poor handling during transportation can lead to broken glass shower doors that worsen with time.